Monday, September 8, 2014

Chile or Bust

I leave for Chile in only a couple of hours. I am inexpressibly excited and just want to go! I love you so much. Just had to say it. I am fine and I know I will be. Literally not nervous at all. I might not be on later but if not know how much I care for you guys. I look at your pictures and read your letters every night.

Elder Rich

(We were a little surprised to received this email from Elder Rich this morning since all his paperwork said September 9.  However, we have learned through this missionary process that the dates given are ARRIVAL dates, and not necessarily  departure dates.  Since it is quite a journey from Mexico City to Osorno, they got started today.  I think he's in for a long night.  Please send up a prayer for our sweet missionary that all we be safely gathered in.  All our love - The Riches)

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