Sunday, December 3, 2017

Welcome Home Elder Rich!

There he is!!

Mom called first hugs

Grandma Bev getting her squeeze

Grandma Laurie and Elder Rich reunite

Anna, not so little anymore.

Addie, still little

Andy is no longer the "little" brother.

Leavitts were there to give some love 

So were the Giffords

He was ready!

Our amazing family and friends who were there to welcome Elder Rich home

We finally got the band back together.

Home sweet home

Monday, January 30, 2017

It's the Final Countdown...

So this is my last week of missionary service. I am excited to be home and be able to see you all and give you all a big hug. As far as the baptism, it looks like it is not going to be able to happen. She passed her interview and everything, but due to her complicated situation, she said she doesn’t feel ready and wants to wait. I actually agree with her to be honest. She needs some more preparation and it will be good for her to get to know the church more fully. So this week we will be doing lots of door knocking and spending time with members to work alongside them.

I love you,

Elder Rich

Monday, January 23, 2017

Soaking in Chile

Okay so today made me decide you definitely need to come visit southern Chile if only to try the sandwiches in my favorite restaurant and visit the places I visited today. We went out to see the penguin nesting grounds and the surrounding beaches and cliffs. I was absolutely blown away. It was honestly like something you would see in a movie.

On a more spiritual note, looks like I am going to have my last baptism 2 days before I leave for home. I was able to pull some strings and get some legal documents together and long story short, Susana will be able to be baptized and has special permission to take the sacrament after sacrament meeting due to her complicated position with child custody and what not. That is what is up!

I am trying to soak in the rest of Chile. It is just now starting to get real that I am actually getting out of here. So stoked by the way. But the hardest part is not leaving the green and the ocean, but the people I have come to love so much.

I love you so much,

Elder Rich

Exploring the penguin colonies on P-Day 

Selfie game on point

Monday, January 16, 2017

Enduring to the End

Okay so this week was pretty lame as far as contacting. Pretty much rejection 24/7. But hey, happy missionary status is: thumbs up. My companion is different than any other companion I have ever had in the sense that he is SOOOO intelligent and never, ever, ever talks. Like never. We are teaching a woman named Susana who is 29 and a single mom of two kids, and she is for sure getting dunked. However, due to legal complications with her ex it is hard for her to come to church so she probs isn’t getting baptized while I am here but she is dead set on entering the fount. I honestly am this close to going to her ex´s house and bashing his head in. He is a jerk and has shown up twice during lessons high on cocaine to yell and be abusive. Dad of the year award and it is only January. Way to go man, WOOT WOOT.

On a less sarcastic note I am going on a tour of the island this next Monday and I am pretty stoked. Going to see some penguins, beaches and old Spanish forts. I am trying to stay actively engaged in the work and focused but it is hard. I had an interview with President Isom and he said it is normal and that I am doing great. I really love that guy. Our interview was him giving me the low down on how to buy and sell cows and farm land. Nice to know I still have that high school skill of getting the teacher off topic so class flies by. But honestly, I love the guy and his wife. I helped her clean her car while my comp was in his interview and we laughed the whole time.

Looks like I am going to meet Elder Stevenson of the 12 right before I head back to the states. Talk about ending in style.

I love you,

Elder Rich

Went hiking on the beach

Monday, January 9, 2017

Travel Plans

Dear Parents,
This is the long anticipated letter announcing the return flight of your missionary!  Attached is the flight itinerary so that you can meet them as they arrive at their final flight destination.  We congratulate you and hope you will help your missionary finish with the maximum energy and devotion of their entire mission.  These can be the most productive days of their entire mission. Please send me a reply so that I know you have received the itinerary.  Thank you very much!

Elder McArthur
Secretario Ejecutivo
Misión Chile Osorno

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hey so yesterday was a catholic holiday which means the whole country was on standby. I am just great and am back in Ancud on the island of Chiloé. I talked with President Isom and was able to talk him into letting me finish my mission here among my converts and most beloved members. It was awesome coming back and seeing just how much everybody has progressed. I love and miss you guys. As far as my homecoming, I have only two requests: 1. I want to drive home from the airport, miss driving so much.  2. When you come pick me up I would love to have a few bean burritos and maybe a 5-layer burrito from Taco Bell waiting for me. I am sick of potatoes.

I love you!!!

Elder Rich

My new companion, Elder Harper

Beach art on New Years 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas from the South Pole

Just wanted to send you all my love this Christmas season. I am very grateful to have each and every one of you in my life and appreciate all of the support you give me. Let us remember our Savior and enjoy the small moments we have as friends, family and children of a loving and merciful Heavenly Father.
Kindest regards,

Elder Rich