Monday, November 24, 2014

"Wrecking" the Work

(Just as a point of reference, when Elder Rich does something well, he likes to say he  "wrecked" it. It's just his weird thing, but he's been teased about it so mercilessly that he now just uses it as a funny.)

Sooo...not much happened this week. It was just a drama-free week of work. However, being me I still had some fun things happen:

I had an intercambio (where we exchange companions for 24 hours) with Elder Warren who is going home in a week. I had this whole day planned with tons of lessons and service and I was ready to prove I was legit to this veteran. Every single appointment fell through and it was pouring rain so nobody was outside to talk to. Elder Warren turned out to be pretty cool and was very kind and relaxed. After knocking on lots of doors with no luck, we found a bunch of kids playing soccer in the street and joined.

We played soccer until we were soaked to the bone and then kept playing. That night we set something up with an investigator and had a sweet lesson where we invited him to be baptized. He said no but he still wants lessons. We will see where that goes.

Also as a testament of how sound I sleep (ask my mom about trying to wake me up) I slept through an earthquake that was apparently pretty big. Everyone else woke up, except Holt and me, and freaked out. Work hard, sleep hard.

Not much else to report from Entre Lagos except for that we are doing great out here. We are ¨wrecking¨ the work of the Lord out here. I love you all.


Elder Aidan Rich

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