Monday, October 19, 2015

A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit

I am jealous of you guys in St. George are just barely starting to feel the chill. It is so dang cold in the mornings that I can see my breath in the shower and while we are studying. Our house has no stove or heating system so we are kind of at the mercy of the weather. The afternoons are so nice though.

I’m trying to remember my dad’s advice about letting my mission mold me. This week was a little more frustrating and lots of investigators fell away. Though in the midst of a sea of rejection, we found some absolutely amazing and humble people. I learned a lot about patience and faith this week.

This time around my mission is different. It is like the difference in wrestling practice during freshman vs senior year. For freshman it is all learning how things work and how to properly do a squat etc, but senior year you run until you puke, and they add more weights to your squat until your knees buckle. The Lord is not messing around. I asked for it all and He didn't hold anything back. Sometimes the things I am prompted to do are very scary or hard, but I always find strength when I dig deep. I really admire the stories of Alma and Ammon, but the things I never noticed before was in those chapters where Mormon is basically summing up all of their success. He names all of the amazing things they did then says something along the lines, ¨..but all of that happened after the had suffered much both in body and spirit.¨ I for sure have not experienced anything near what they did, but I've learned what it means to come to God with a broken heart this week.
I love you so much.

Your missionary

These are some kids from the ward I am in and they love it when we come by to talk to their dad who is the ward mission leader. They are always climbing all over me.

We cut the grass of Hermano Orlando (who is blind) this week for service. It had not been cut all winter and all we had was a small plastic weed wacker. It was smoking and begging for rest by the end.

I think Elder Frausto and I spend all day climbing hills!

Humble meal of homemade bread and butter.

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