Monday, October 5, 2015

The district, the district, the district is on fire!

Gosh dang this week was good. OUR DISTRICT IS PURE FIRE. I am in the same district as good old Elder Nielsen again, another native of St. Geezy. Everyone is so animated and ready to work. It is amazing. I have never experienced anything so exciting and fun.

The weather is starting to get so nice and the area is beautiful. Honestly nothing too exciting happened this week, just good old fashioned missionary work. I stood up and preached in a bus which was pretty scary, but once I got going and people started listening, it was pretty easy.

But how about that General Conference y´all?! (Shouts to my man, Calvin ¨corn-on-the¨ Cobb, and his Texan influence) It was almost too good. My mom hit it on the head when she said that there comes a point where you almost just stop trying to absorb it all, and just let the Spirit wash over you like a tidal wave. I especially loved all the advise about how to obtain and retain the company of the Spirit. Life just is not worth living without it.

I love you all so much. But I am disappointed in all of you! Nobody sent me pictures which you KNOW I love. Except for Claire, so 100 points for the Mod Squad.

Keeping you in my prayers,

Elder Aidan Rich

Hermano Orlando is a blind and loves walking around the city teaching with us. We went on splits and he taught in the streets with me.

The ghettos of Ovejeria.

Preaching in a bus (flattering picture, right?)

General Conference with the gringos.

Farewell Elder Arp! He was transferred to a different sector.

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