Monday, January 4, 2016

Silence of the Lambs

I love Ancud. People here are actually dang good [basket]ball players so I have been playing a lot to contact and have some fun. We are finally seeing some big progress. I always try to be positive and tell you guys about success, but we are actually having some huge success. We had 70 people in church yesterday and 8 were our investigators. THATS WHATS UP!

This week was pretty lame as far as teaching. Every single door we knocked resulted in a conversation that lasted maximum 30 seconds. People just don’t want to chill with the Mormons while getting wasted on New Years. I did have a riot talking to all the drunk people. They are just so friendly and they all love little baby Jesus.

So for New Years we just hung out with members and ate a lamb that I killed. That´s right, this time it was my turn to wield the knife. It was insane I am not going to lie. SO. MUCH. BLOOD. But it tasted so dang good.

We have a family that is getting nearer and nearer to baptism every week. They all came to church this week and they are all reading the Book of Mormon. Thank you for all of your prayers in my behalf that helped me to find them. Their names are Marco (who was inactive and has quit smoking to be worthy to receive the priesthood) and Yolanda who is not a member. They have two daughters, Elizabeth (19) and Constanza (16), and Gabriel (8) is the youngest. Keep on praying so we can get them dunked.

Sorry I couldn’t send pictures. The computer does not want to let me.

Much love,

Elder Rich

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