Monday, December 28, 2015

Missionary Minecraft

So we had a conference with President Obeso [mission president] yesterday and it was an answer to my prayers. He just helped us remember how important our callings were in a very special way. Not that I had forgotten, but 3 straight months of knocking doors in the pouring rain with zero baptisms can kind of put a damper on one's desire to leave the house and keep going with a big smile on my face. I started a fast and told God I didn't care how long it took or how hard it rained, I was going to find someone who needed us. That someone turned out to be a 25 year-old less active single mom named Patricia. We passed by to see her just because no one else in the area was home, and we had the impression to visit her. We shared a simple lesson and it had such a surprisingly strong effect on her that I didn't know what to say. She told us through her tears that she felt so good she wanted all her friends to feel that feeling, and we left the house to get to know all her friends. It was like that moment in minesweeper where we were clicking a bunch of little squares and all of the sudden a big section of the map opens up and things get easier. #nerdyreference #tellmeicant #toomuchtimealonewithmen

After meeting a bunch of people, we went back to her house and were drinking a little coffee [like American Pero] when I turned around to see her dad viciously murdering a lamb out back. I looked at Patricia horrified and she said simply, ¨dinner¨. It was insane. So much blood.

I love you all.
Elder Aidan Rich

Elder Rich told us a similar "lamb" story on Christmas except it was little kids with butcher knives in the front yard. They were just stabbing a lamb with smiles on their faces getting things ready for their holiday dinner. 

Our Christmas miracle. Skyping with Elder Rich on Christmas Day. 

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