Monday, August 29, 2016

Cambios Again

So this week we had transfers and Elder Christiansen left for a city called Puerto Montt. I am STILL here in Punta Arenas as zone leader and my new companion is Elder Ben Griffin from Alpine, Utah. The kid is really dedicated and got here ready to work, which I really appreciate. This is his first time being a zone leader and so I am kind of training him as far as all of the busy work that comes with the job, but he is a great missionary. I really like his teaching style and drive to always do everything well.

We had a fairly normal week but we were also able to teach a lot more lessons than usual and had some success knocking doors as well. Nothing major but out of the little things come to pass the big things.

We normally have around 25 people in church and this week we went all out to get people in the chapel. We made invitations and assigned members to visit people and ended up having almost 60 people in church - 5 were investigators and 10 were less active members. It was a happy day.

Well, I just got off of a plane and am in Puerto Montt on my way to Osorno for a big conference with President Obeso and the other leaders of the mission. I am looking forward to the things we will discuss and solve here.

Elder Aidan Rich

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