Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Guess I'm Staying in Chile....Forever

This past week we had a big conference in Osorno for all of the leaders here in the mission and, being in Punta Arenas, we had to travel for a whole day to get to the main city. We left early Monday morning to catch our flight to Puerto Montt and from there took a bus up to Osorno. We stayed the night in one of my old areas, Ovejeria. It was cool to go back there with my current companion, Elder Griffin, because he replaced me in that area when I left for Ancud.

We were able to visit a couple of families we taught while there and also some of the awesome members who live there. I was especially glad to see the ward´s first counselor, Jonathan Vasquez, and his wife Paula. They were my favorite family and I was their favorite missionary and so the reunion was beautiful. Their financial situation has improved substantially and they are now running a pastry business right out of their own house. I can attest to the deliciousness of the lemon pie, I ate at least half a pie by myself.

We had a great conference and I was able to hook up with Elder Jeria and Elder Cabrera from the good old days in Ancud. It was so good to see those two. After the conference we got in another bus and returned to Puerto Montt where we stayed the night with several very cool elders and ordered Dominos pizza. We stayed up late sharing mission stories and talking about the things we are implementing in our respective zones. I know, nerdy missionary talk.

We put in a good amount of hours this week preaching in the streets and have been doing our best to stay organized and work hard. I was also able to attend the baptism of Fabian Ottencen who is a man that I found while street contacting with Elder Amaya. I was able to help him set a baptismal goal and then I was made a zone leader and left shortly after. I also learned that three of the people who I had found in Ovejeria were eventually baptized. You never know what will happen, you just have to keep planting seeds of faith and truth. We have another conference today with President Obeso here in Punta Arenas. I am so looking forward to that.

After so much travel I decided I am never getting back on a bus, taxi, transfer, airplane or even bicycle ever again. As a consequence I will have to just stay here in Chile forever. Sorry mom.

I love you all so much.

Elder Rich

Familia Vasquez 

Eating at the mall with my companion, Elder Griffin, and two elders from Brazil, Elder Rocha and Elder Ramos

I was able to meet up with Elder Jeria

Elder Griffin and I got to catch up with some of our favoirte families in Ovejeria. 

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