Monday, September 12, 2016

Sad Day in Chile

So we had a surprise change in plans this week. President Obeso changed our usual zone conference to Monday instead of the 28th. We were running around like crazy trying to make all necessary preparations and ended up getting everything done on time. We had a good conference until about half an hour in when President Obeso made the announcement that he is stepping down as president and is going to San Diego, California to have an operation because they found a cancerous tumor in his body. He’s in good spirits and the operation should be neither dangerous nor complicated, but his recovery process will not allow him to return to serve as mission president.

We will be receiving a new president in 6 days time and there is no way that man is not special. Normally presidents have months of trainings with the Apostles and are taught about every part of the work. He was given two weeks notice to prepare his personal affairs and be here to help us. They would not call any ordinary person to fill that roll and I am excited. President Obeso will be dearly missed and loved forever for his service.

Elder Griffin and I are getting along very well and have made a lot of progress in our sector. We had many people in church yesterday and several people received new callings as well. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord and how he works in small yet obvious ways and is very loving in how he helps us as well as how he lets us struggle. I love Him.

Elder Aidan Rich

Elder Griffin (from Alpine, Utah) and Elder Rich

A cool lookout point in Punta Arenas, Chile

Elder Griffin with an INSANE investigator kid pretending to be dead.

This cat is 20 years old. It had cancer in its ears, so they removed them.

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