Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa Photo for Mom

Mom, I actually did get you a Santa picture and it is such a funny story. So we did this big activity in a town called, Alerce, as a zone. We got all of the missionaries into one zone and did an open chapel with tours so people could come see what the Mormons are all about.

I got assigned to just walk the streets for four hours with invitations and invite people to go. I paired off with Elder Tilley my “grandson.” We had been walking for several hours and we were both sweaty and tired and were just wandering aimlessly. We walked past a small side street and I glanced down it and saw a huge birthday party for this little kid. There was a trampoline and a craft table; the whole show. I was about to keep walking when Santa comes walking out of a house and starts taking pictures with the kids. I stopped and looked at Tilley, and all he said was, “Are we about to crash a birthday party?” I didn´t even respond. I just headed back down the street.

We ended up taking pictures with Santa who was very cool about it. The best part is that one of the guys says to me, “You can only take a picture with him if you take one with my wife.” I figured they were being cool, so I would be too and just snap a quick pic.

After that HER mom, the grandma, asks for a picture. So I pose and smile and just before 3 on the picture count down, grandma grabbed a hand full of Elder Rich booty. She just giggled and shuffled away. Then the teenage daughters wanted pictures, then all the parents, then the kids. Literally two white missionaries crashing the party was the best thing that ever happened to them. I laughed for an hour straight afterwards. So I am sure Chilean social media is full of pictures of Elder Tilley and me, and one of them is of a very surprised Elder Rich being grandma groped. Priceless.

Love you,

Elder Rich

Elder Rich and Old St. Nick

Elder Tilley, Santa Claus, and an unnamed Chilean party goer.

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