Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas is around the corner, I lost my voice for the Lord, and the house reeks of pine. Whoa whoa, confused? Alright, let’s back up a little bit.

So we had our big missionary get together for Christmas and it actually turned out to be a blast. We ate dinner in the chapel in Puerto Montt (the biggest city in the mission about 45 min from Llanquihue). We then walked to the big town square and sang hymns for two hours while about ten missionaries walked around and gave out Books of Mormon and talked to people. It was really good...until a really drunk Catholic guy came and screamed at us that he was going to laugh at us burning in hell from heaven. The police that were there in the square to maintain peace did absolutely nothing. Chileans, what do you do?

We went back to the chapel after to exchange gifts. Everyone brought a gift and put it in a big bag then everyone chose one out. Around this time I realized I had left mine on the bus so in true last minute desperation, I put a bunch of mints and other little candy in a box with a word of wisdom pamphlet and a note that said something about how I would have put more candy in, but the Lord said all things in moderation. And of all people to pick my present, it was the Mission President´s wife. Luckily she has a sense of humor and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Elder Watson and I got our Christmas packages and went home to open them. Watson got a bottle of these green stick things that kind of smelled like pine. So he put them around the house then we went to bed. Turns out they are air-activated. So they took a while to start smelling, and usually one or two is enough, but like eight in a tiny Chilean house is enough to put you in a coma. It may not look like Christmas here but you best believe it smells like it.

We also got to take Ramón and Jovita to a baptism to show them what it would be like and get them excited for theirs. They have pushed their date back but are still preparing and progressing.

I am just fine down here in Chile. I love you all so much and am so thankful for your support.


Elder Rich

We are surrounded by lakes that look like oceans.
Ramon and Jovita (by the way Chileans don't smile)
Just another reason why Elder Watson and I get along so well.

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