Monday, December 29, 2014

My First Christmas in the Mission Field

This week was awesome. Full of fun, relaxation, hard work, and everything else I needed. I am feeling great and ready for the new year.

On Christmas Eve we ate lunch with a member family then went over to the house of the family Billikopf at about noon with the sister missionaries. We played games, had a turkey dinner, and then had a gospel conversation with Hermano Gregorio Billikopf. He is a convert who has dedicated his life to studying the scriptures and loves sharing the gospel. The spirit was so strong as he showed how the Old Testament testifies of the Book of Mormon. Powerful stuff.

We then went that night to the Wilhelm´s house and ate second dinner. Elder Wilhelm is an area seventy in Concepción and has a very cool family. After dinner we had a testimony meeting and you can’t listen to sister missionaries and not feel the Spirit. The Wilhelms also have a daughter who served a mission recently and her testimony was especially strong and I am grateful I was there to share that night with them. 

We were also there all Christmas day. We played soccer, croquet, ate an entire lamb, and TOOK NAPS. I love naps.

Elder Watson and I are doing so well. We have so much fun together and laugh until it hurts everyday. Like yesterday when we were walking home for the day. Now I don’t think you understand how many dogs there are just roaming the streets in Chile. Like SO many. And some are just super choro or short tempered and they will come after you if you make them angry and you quickly learn which ones those are. Plus those dogs usually set off at least three more. 

So Elder Watson was walking and looking at the sky just day dreaming and telling me a story. He wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and just being himself. I noticed he was heading toward this dog that is just mean and angry and has almost bit me twice and figured he saw it and was ready. Only too late did I realize he had no idea. This dog looks all happy and nice watching us when out of nowhere it starts to come at his ankles. I yelled, ¨Watch out!¨  Elder Watson screamed and pushed me in front of the dog. He dodged to the side and I jumped over it and did some fancy footwork to get away from him and two other dogs to where I could face it and somewhat fight back. They just barked and went back all angry and grumpy.

Watson and I looked at each other and just laughed and laughed so hard. Yes Mom, SO HARD.

I hope you are all doing well also. Love you.

Elder Rich

Christmas Eve with the Wilhelm Family

Christmas Dinner at the Wilhelm's consisted of a whole lamb.

We got to look at this handsome face for about 3 hours while we Skyped with Elder Rich the day after Christmas.    

Elder Rich had lots of family waiting for his call. 

Elder Rich and Elder Watson during our Christmas call.

Enjoying some fresh fruit (a rare treat), a view of a volcano or two, and the summer weather in the campo (country).

Brother Gregorio Billikopf's home.

Elder Rich takes in the view from the Billikopf's home.

Can you see all three volcanoes on the horizon? 

A closer view of the volcanoes across the lake. 

Elder Rich made some Chicken Alfredo for lunch on P-Day and impressed himself and apparently Elder Watson as well.

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