Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunshine and Stinky Fish

IT IS SUMMER!!!! Oh my gosh, I love Chilean summer. No rain. No wind. No Ozone layer (lots of sunburn). And apparently, no rules for locals when it comes to street clothes.

Elder Watson and I keep laughing so hard every time we get a package and it has hand warmers and hot chocolate because we are dying of heat with all the windows open. Speaking of Elder Watson, I cannot say enough how much I love him. Elder Holt and I got along so well and I miss him, but Elder Watson and I are the same person. We have done nothing but have spiritual lessons and laugh until our stomachs cramped and we turned blue. No like that literally happened to Watson. We were laughing so hard.

Watson is very knowledgeable of Spanish and so I have progressed very quickly. I have had a couple people ask me if I am from Argentina and everyone thinks I have more than a year in the mission. #winning

Ramón and Jovita are progressing so quickly and are ready to get dunked. I am so excited for them. Funny story of the day:

When I first got here, we went and visited Ramón and Jovita. Jovita showed us these two huge salmon steaks and invited us to lunch. We already had lunch planned so we had to decline but she said she would make salmon for us some other time. Fast forward two and a half weeks when we are eating salmon with them for lunch. Half way through eating it comes up that these are the SAME SALMON she had showed us weeks before. Watson and I made eye contact and slowed down on the salmon consumption.

To put it in kind words, we had a busy night. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning with one thought: ¨Oh No.¨ I had a “both ends” kind of party, and when I woke up, Watson and I laughed so hard because each of us thought we were the only one feeling it. We have been suffering from crazy fish poisoning for three days.

Moral of the story: Chileans have strong stomachs. Eat salmon when fresh. I am currently walking like a duck.

I love you all so much. I hope you are all ready for Christmas because I am.

Elder Aidan Rich

Llanquihue, Chile

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