Monday, January 26, 2015

Six Months a Missionary!

We started the week off right by finding a group of women outside smoking and blasting music. We stopped to talk and they went and got us chairs and water (because it is so hot) and we just started to talk. Chileans are just like that. Love to talk and unplanned visits from strangers are welcome.

So we just talked about their kids who were running around and their lives, and all of the sudden, one of them started to cry. Her name was Susana. She told us about how her husband and son had died in an accident just four months ago and she was trying to get over it. We visited again two days later to teach the restoration and she asked us to come back and teach her about eternal families. She is such a cool lady and has a lot of potential.

The only other thing of note is the dogs. Oh my gosh, these things are of the devil. They are crazy here and have one purpose which is to bite. Usually you can just throw big rocks at them and after you crack their head open, they leave. But a couple have absolutely zero fear of rocks and that is where you learn to bob and weave and use the backpack as a shield.

Other than that everything is great. The air is fresh. The weather is warm. And I get my daily share of hill climb exercises.

I love you all,

Elder Rich

Coyhaique, Chile
The Andes Mountains in Coyhaique, Chile.
Elder Rich said it reminds him of the mountains in Northern Utah.
Blurry bathroom selfie.
Elder Sosa, Elder Nielsen (ALSO FROM ST. GEORGE, UTAH!), Elder Rich, and Elder ? 
Elder Rich and Elder Sosa. (Photo taken by a member in Coyhaique.)

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