Monday, January 5, 2015

Ringing in the New Year Chilean Style

Before the mission, I absolutely lived for holidays. Anything and everything. Even Labor Day. I would find a way to fit some type of party in. But in the mission it just means lots of walking around empty streets and getting denied at doors you feel guilty for knocking on in the first place because your interrupting family time.

That is literally all we did all week. Our only major lessons were with Ramón and Jovita. The bad news is their baptismal goal is going to fall because they are not quite ready. The good news is they both love the gospel and are progressing, just not as fast as we had hoped. They are going to get baptized for sure, it is just a matter of when. But as long as they are progressing, I am content.

The funny story of the week is just a slide show compilation of all the drunks walking around and being drunk. Some would stop us and ask for money to buy more alcohol, barely being able to stand as it was. Some would yell at us, some would be trying to get up without success, and some were just passed out in gutters, behind trash cans, the entrance of stores, or random places in big fields. My favorite was a guy collecting empty cans and bottles to trade in for more alcohol. The only thing was he could barely walk, had a bloody nose from an obvious face plant on the asphalt, and had at one point needed a bathroom but used his pants instead (or at least what was left of his pants because the entire backside was gone.) I don’t know how or why but his belt was basically holding up jean chaps with nothing underneath. Classic Chile.

I love you all. I hope you have enjoyed the holidays with family and remembered what we are celebrating.


Elder Aidan Rich

Elder Rich and Elder Watson "post study selfie"
One of Elder Rich's favorite photos - Lake Llanquihue and Vulcan Cabuco
Local fisherman out on Lake Llanquihue

Llanquihue, Chile
We rearranged the furniture for optimal nerf court play (best Christmas present). We lucked out and got two couches and chairs in our apartment in Llanquihue.
More of our apartment.  We study and look over the city. Nice view.

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