Monday, November 2, 2015

Heaven is for Real

What a week! So many changes have happened and the work is moving right along. I am so excited for the next 6 weeks in Ovejeria because I just got informed that I am staying here for another cambio.

So President Obeso is rebuilding how we work from the ground up. We are in the streets almost 12 hours a day and it has already brought so many blessings. He has also changed how my sector is going to work. Elder Frausto and I have been the only missionaries in Ovejeria for a while, but starting tomorrow the Assistants of the President are going to come to our sector and serve with us four days of the week. I don’t know if you understand what a big deal that is’s kind of a big deal. This doesn’t happen very often, and by not very often I mean never. I am going to learn so much working shoulder to shoulder with them.

So spiritual experience of the week: Frausto and I had some ‘priestly duties’ in the next city over we had to take of Thursday night. We ended up being there a lot longer than expected and when everything was said and done we had 15 minutes to be in the house on time and obey the mission rules. We also had to take two separate taxis or ‘collectivos’ to make the trip. It is super hard to find one late at night and we were not having any luck. Frausto all of the sudden said, “Okay you watch, I will pray.” He prayed really fast and when he said amen, a collectivo picked us up.

Even more crazy the guy went out of his was to drop us off where we could more easily find another taxi. Once again we were not having any luck finding a taxi. So I prayed and as soon as I said amen, a collectivo pulled up. However, it wasn’t headed where we needed to go. I told him where we were going and he thought for a minute then told us he was bored and would leave his route to take us. All of this happened in ten minutes and we got home on time. MIRACLE.

Cristobal is progressing like a maniac. He loves the scriptures and really likes the idea of baptism. I am excited for him to make this decision.

I love you all. God is real. And He loves you too.

Elder Aidan Rich

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