Monday, November 30, 2015

A Little Q&A

Elder Rich must be having some very busy P-Days. He only had time to answer a few questions from my letter and didn't write any other letters to us this week. I was able to exchange a brief Q&A with him while he was online sending his email. So, this is our brief update for the week.

Amber: Be faithful. Be happy. Remember to dance and be silly!

Elder Rich: We for sure danced and were silly this week. Elder Frausto and I organized a huge ward party and we had a crazy good turn out. It was a talent show and we had almost one hundred people show up. Of those people, 25 were investigators or inactive members. I played the guitar and sang a couple songs and then Elder Frausto and I along with the assistants put on a big sketch where we basically taught the first discussion with plenty of wit and humor. It was a riot and we have a lot more people to teach now.

Amber: I'm so glad you received our Christmas package. Be honest, did you break into the Almond Roca already?

Elder Rich: The almond roca is already gone! I shared most of it with the members.

Amber: That is the most Christlike-thing I think you've ever done. A boy that good deserves another can! What songs did you sing at the Talent Show? Please tell me that you sang something by Enrique? Or did you stick with church songs?

Elder Rich: I sang “Collide” by Howie Day and “Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel and then a bunch of songs in Spanish that they all know. Not to brag but I had several people want to pay me to play at parties and stuff. I am pretty humble about it.  My camera is have problems connecting to the computer so I won’t be able to send photos this week but I am trying to get it figured out. 

I love you.

Elder Rich as Captain Moroni. Nice abs, Captain. Elder Frausto as Santa Claus.

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