Monday, November 9, 2015

"Weak Things Become Strong"

Elder Rich was called away on missionary business and wasn't able to send a general email to share with everyone, so our family would like to share the brief, sweet letters we received from him this week.

Addie, Andy and Anna- 

I just started to write back to the family, but we received a call and there is a woman in our ward who had a pretty bad fall and needs us in the hospital. She asked for us to give her a blessing so I have got to go right now. I read all of your letters and your pictures made me laugh from a deep happy place.

I guess I want to share really quickly the importance of preparedness and worthiness. I have to leave because a woman needs a worthy priesthood holder and asked for us by name because she knows missionaries are pure. I cannot explain the joy that that gives me. I am far from perfect. None of us are perfect. But being worthy and ready always is something of immeasurable importance.

I love you three so much. In a way that only an older brother can. You are all so special. GOD LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND. Never let anything, anyone, or any situation make you think otherwise.

Know that I think of you always,

Elder Aidan Rich

First of all, I freaking love you. Just thought you should know. And keep beating Andy, just like a good steak it will make him more tender…or at least that’s how I always justified it.

I thank you for all of your spiritual insights. One thing that really hit me was the Sermon on the Mount. He says so very simply, “Ask and it shall be given.” I was knocking doors with one of the APs and I was so frustrated. This scripture came to my mind in almost a “duh” kind of way. I prayed right there in the middle of the street and invoked the power of my sacred calling as a missionary and the priesthood I hold, and asked for at least one of the next seven doors to be someone prepared to hear me. Literally 30 seconds after I said, “amen” a woman asked us almost word for word if we baptized people because she was looking for the church of God and knew we preached. About five minutes after that she agreed to take the lessons and be baptized if she felt the Spirit.

Moral of the story, if we have a bad habit or a weakness, just ask to have it be made strong. I might not happen in thirty seconds but the promise is that it will happen. Ether 12:27 makes that so clear.

I love you so much Mom. I always end my emails this way but it’s because there is no better or truer way to do so.

Elder Rich

We got an inactive punk kid to come be a missionary with us for a day.

I made homemade buns and burgers because I couldn't take any more potatoes and pasta. 

Chilean In 'N Out Burger

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