Monday, February 15, 2016

A New Family in the Kingdom

The Carrio Toro family is officially part of the family of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was such a beautiful moment that I don’t feel the words I write could describe it. I got to witness Yolanda speaking at the baptism of her three children and stand at the pulpit for the first time. She bore a powerful testimony of the worth of the scriptures. She radiated the Spirit.
I had the privilege of baptizing Elizabeth. Greenwood baptized Constanza which was his first baptism after 8 days in the mission. Marco baptized his son Gabriel and participated in the confirmation of all three. He is now an active member and a worthy holder of the Higher Priesthood.

The Church is true. Enough said.


Elder Rich

Elder Greenwood, Elder Rich, Constanza, Gabriel, Elizabeth, and Marco on the big baptism day.

Constanza, Yolanda, and Elizabeth

Elder Rich leading Elizabeth into the waters of baptism.

Elder Rich and Elizabeth

Elder Cabrera, Elder Greenwood, and Elder Rich

Marco and Gabriel

Elder Rich and the Pacific Ocean

Elder Rich at an Old Spanish fort in Ancud, Chile.

Elder Greenwood

Elder Greenwood is locked and loaded.

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