Monday, February 8, 2016

The "Why" of Missionary Work

This week was pretty calm, not much to report. When have been preparing a couple people for baptism and it looks like we might have more baptisms than we had originally anticipated. Which is always a welcome surprise. We had some funny experiences, good laughs, and good lessons. Elder Greenwood is such a chill, low-key guy and I really like the way we do contacts. We don’t deny or go around the fact that we are missionaries and preach, but the contact itself is a lot less of a business presentation and more of a personal, human conversation if that makes sense.

One thing I have realized is that the gospel is a natural part of who we are, we are naturally spiritual beings. In my opinion, an amazing missionary is not someone who can present the gospel in an attractive way or use pretty words to explain our purpose, but someone who can start a conversation, analyze the need, and apply the gospel and atonement as the healing substance that it is. It is a million times more personal and makes them understand the ¨why¨ of missionary work.

I love you all.

Elder Aidan Rich

Taking a break to look over the Pacific Ocean.

Elder Greenwood (left) and Elder Rich (right) taking in the sights of the coast.

Sometimes the dogs win...but it's just a scratch. 

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