Monday, June 20, 2016

Better and Better Each Day

We are going to have another baptism this week and I am really excited. I am fine and really happy. I am starting to feel a little tired. I love being a missionary and I love serving, but I feel like I have been in this process of being a missionary or at least trying to be one an eternity. I would be coming home this week if I hadn’t needed to return home. I think my spirit is just worn a little thin - haha. I think more than anything I am just becoming better and better each day, and the enemy doesn’t like it.

I feel his temptations so much more vividly than before, and I am CONSTANTLY tired. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and sometimes even spiritually. However, when I LOOK FOR IT, I am comforted and strengthened by the Spirit. I love what C.S. Lewis has to say about time. The only periods of time that matter are the present and eternity. The past is of little use to the devil because it is frozen in time and he can’t change it. He can make us reflect and regret but that is about it. He uses the future to mess with us, and cause us worry, despair, fear, and even sometimes, false hope. If we are incapacitated or affected by these fears, he is winning.

I love you so much.

Elder Rich

P.S. Also I think I come home in early February....really not sure???

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