Monday, June 6, 2016

Faith in Every Footstep

So Elder Herrera received a surprise Tuesday night. We never received a transfer so we just assumed we were both staying here in Fitz Roy. We were doing service when we received a text telling us that he had a transfer the next morning and had to pack. There had been some confusion and he wasn’t on the original transfer paper, but he still had one.

So Wednesday I received a new companion named Elder Amaya. He is from Colombia and is so awesome. He just finished his training and just like with Elder Herrera, I am Elder Amaya´s ¨Mom¨ (second companion). His father is a professional clown/ comedic magician and Elder Amaya inherited all of that. We have already seen miracles as well as trials.

Wednesday I was with Elder Herrera, Elder Cabrera, and Elder Woolley (The two Elders from Porvenir) and we all ate lunch with one of our members. When we finished I stood up and almost fell back down because my foot hurt so bad. I thought I could just walk it off, but by the time I went to go get Elder Amaya I wanted to puke.

I visited a member who is a foot doctor and he told me I broke something in my heel from all the stress of walking and that I had to just be a man until it could heal. The next three days were terrible, but it has gotten much better and almost doesn’t hurt at all. So no worries.

The work is progressing and we are happy. I love you all.

Elder Rich

Elder Rich, Elder Amaya, and the sisters in the internet cafe where they write letters on P-Day.

The Spirit speaks in divers ways.

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