Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

This past week has been LOOONG. Lots of goodbyes and lots and lots of traveling. Elder Frausto and I had a good time packing my bags and eating sugar cookies and talking about all the fun times we have had. We also got to visit all of the members one last time and it was surprising to me how much it hurt to leave them and also how much they loved me right back. Most of them cried as I walked out the door for the last time and it made me feel I had fulfilled my calling to love the people.

We had one last ward activity and the Lord kind of just showed me all of my success. We didn’t think anyone was going to show but, not only did people come, all of our investigators came and several less active families. It was amazing!!

I got on a bus Wednesday morning and traveled from Osorno to a big city call Puerto Montt. From there, I got onto another bus which got onto a ferry which took us to Chiloé where we drove the rest of the way to Ancud. Like I said, lots of traveling.

I live with the other Elders, my companion Elder Cluff, and two Latinos. Elder Cluff is like 6 foot 5 inches and such a goof ball. We hit it right off and are already seeing success. There are a few people who are going to get baptized without a doubt; we just have to finish teaching them.

Ancud is absolutely gorgeous and the little branch here is very strong. I look forward to serving here and helping more people.

Merry Christmas everyone and remember, Él es la Dádiva verdadera.


Elder Aidan Rich

Saying goodbye to Ovejeria.
We had one final ward party and almost half of the people in the picture are an investigator or less active member. It’s hard to be leaving because we have worked so hard, and are just about to have so much success, but I feel I have done my part.

Chiloe (pronounced Chee-low-way) is an island off the west coast of Chile. 

Ancud, Chile

This place is INSANELY beautiful. The people are super nice and we already have some great prospects for baptism.

Ancud, Chile

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