Monday, October 31, 2016

Gauges and God

My problem is I am finally a really, really good missionary and I only have 3 months left. That, coupled with the fact that I am in a troubled zone as the leader, really limits my time and I just want to be in the streets. However, the Lord has blessed us with people to teach and they are all progressing so much. We met Juliana just over a week ago and have taught her 6 times and she has already heard all of the discussions, understands them, believes them, and has applied them in her life. She is amazing. 

Another couple we are teaching will be getting married in a week and baptized the following week. Their names are Fernando and Gladis.

We are also teaching two young men, David (21) and Sebastian (16) and they are both progressing. I learned that you never really know who will accept the gospel. Sebastian is pretty hardcore and has gauges and is in a rock band. He had his friends over last night when we showed up to teach and I immediately thought - these punk kids with their makeup and piercings and tattoos and studded jewelry don’t want to hear anything. Half an hour later we were engaged in a pretty intense gospel conversation and they were are actively participating and asking lots of questions. They all accepted a Book of Mormon and want to learn more and follow Christ.

I am sorry for the lack of pictures. I don’t trust these computers enough to plug my camera into it. It is crawling with viruses. I love you nonetheless.

Elder Rich

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