Monday, October 3, 2016

Testify with Fire and the Holy Ghost

Wow, can we just start off by saying that conference was A-MAZ-ING. Honestly, how do people hear these men speak and then just not line up at the baptismal font? I especially enjoyed the priesthood session as well as the talk by Elder Lynn G Robbins. He is becoming one of my favorite speakers along with Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks.

The weather here really nice and I'm enjoying the work. I just found out I'll be staying here for another two months as zone leader. I am so dang happy.

Something that is a little less spiritual that has been going on for about a month here in Chile. So apparently there is some medium or something that received revelation and printed it out and published it online as the letters of salvation, or some crap like that. It seems that they target young people through social media, give them a list of scriptures and ideas from the Bible, and then send them out to fight with pretty much everybody. These people have cornered a lot of members and most of them just walk away or tell them to get lost, but many have also been affected by the information and things they say.

They yell at us in the street and say terrible things, but we are pretty used to that so to be honest I just thought they were Catholics or Anglican. I had no idea it was some new non-denominational religious movement. Well I did a division with another companionship and went to a different area for a few days while Griffin stayed in our area. The Elder I was with, Elder Gonzalez, has a broken foot and can’t leave much so we studied a lot in the apartment and left from time to time to go to lunch and stretch our legs.

On our way to lunch we walked through the main square of the neighborhood and were just lucky enough to walk through a crowd of these preachers. They started yelling about Joseph Smith and our Mormon bible – blah, blah, blah, and we just kept walking. We were still walking when one screamed to the crowd who was there listening that those who are of false faiths run at the sight of the truth and that is what we were doing. I have honestly never argued with anyone here as a missionary because I have never felt the slightest inclination to do so. However when they said that, something just exploded inside. I was SO angry and I was very surprised because being that angry was irrational.

I looked at Elder Gonzalez and he was already turning around and walking back. I told them they had already attacked us twice and that we were willing to walk away, but if they kept going then the biblical promise of being attacked three times would come to pass and they would be destroyed. To which one responded by opening his Bible and condemning us, our saints, our families, and pretty much anyone who had ever laid eyes on us. They talked about the Sabbath day and the Law of Moses and false prophets and many other things.

I picked up two of the Bibles they were using, handed one to Gonzalez and then we went to town. Short version: We taught the plan of Salvation and the doctrine of the three kingdoms of glory, that modern revelation is real and that Joseph´s ministry was prophesied over 3000 years ago. We destroyed the whole Saturday is the Sabbath thing and preached the true order of baptism. We established the reality of an apostasy and the need for a restoration and then finished with a prophecy from Jesus Christ himself - the wolves that attack the just. Then with the Bible proved they had either called Christ a liar, which is punishable by being stoned to death, or that they had disobeyed Christ´s law, also punishable by being stoned to death.

The leader of these guys didn’t know what to say and just started spewing out random crap. We responded by bearing our testimonies of how hard their hearts were and commanding them in the name of Christ to repent or to go away and continue serving the devil until Christ decides to strike them down. We told them to pray and ask God if these things were true and told them they were false prophets. The leader took his Bible back and stormed away and the other 10 guys that were with him left quietly as well. We told the people listening that the people who are of false faiths run at the sight of the truth. Then we turned around and went to lunch.

The church is true. We can come to know it the easy way by praying and asking, or the hard way by looking for every single answer in the Bible and being humbled by the Lord. Either way, it is still true.

Elder Rich

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