Monday, October 24, 2016

Hit the Ground Running

I feel like I start off every email the exact same and so I am going to switch it up by telling a joke…what’s blue and white and…I got nothing but I feel that I deserve points for trying.

Anywho, this week was a real energy drainer with 5 days of traveling and meetings and no sleep and street vendor food. Don’t tell the president but our first day in our new area my new companion, Elder Ramer, and I slept almost 24 straight hours, woke up, ate dinner (bread and ham) and slept another 12 hours. We were beat.

We then started the process of getting to know a few members as well as our area, and tried to find some of the old investigators. There is very little information in the area book so we are basically starting from scratch, but the ward I am in, Pichi Pelluco, is absolutely amazing and the members are so willing to work. We were able to find a few people willing to listen and they both accepted the baptismal invitation. We have a couple lessons tonight and hopefully will be able to invite a few more.

Elder Ramer and I get along great, and I am excited to work with him. Being completely honest though, I am pretty ready to go home. I have no intention of slowing down or slacking off and I am really excited about my new sector, but hey I am missing my family, the gym, friends, movies, internet, carpet, washers and dryers, a kitchen bigger than 2-ft by 2-ft, girls, American food, and my grandmas. See you all in February!! But for real, I promise I am working really hard:)

Elder Rich

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